Loggins and Messina revisited

Loggins and Messina are playing at Radio City Music Hall tonight. If a cute girl about 23 reads this, has a car and no boyfriend, call me.........my number is "easily accessible" on the net! Alright fat chance on all three happening within seven hours, but can't a guy dream. I can honestly say I grew up with Loggins and Messsina because my folks played their music all the time.' At the time I didn't know that Loggins was actually Kenny Loggins, who I have loved ever since I can remember... For those who don't know the story behind "Danny's Song" basically Loggins wrote it for his brother Danny and his wife who had a baby. Danny wrote a heatfelt letter to Kenny and in turn Kenny wrote his song, Danny's Song. Years later a girl I knew in high school had the tape of Loggins and Messina's Greatest Hits in it. She played to song one night when we were going out. When I opened the cover I read the story behind the song, I immediate wrote my own feeligns. That was over eight years ago. I have since revised the writing a few times. However I wanted to share the original version, thank God I never throw anything I wrote away. As an introduction I am including what Loggins wrote about the song

From Kenny Loggins: Traditionally when someone has a child, you gift them a gift. This song was a gift to my brother Dan and his wife Shelia for the birth of their son. Just after Colin was born, Dan had written a letter to me filled with his emotions and hopes. I took some of his feelings and words, added some of my -own and returned them to him in song. K.

From "Living with a Disabilty" dated July, 28th,1997
I will always live a middle of the road life. Don't want that much money, just want to- be happy. Used to think money bought happines, it doesn't. That's why I want [to get] out of this area. It just is all based on who has got a better house or who's CEO of what company. Give me a wife who loves me, a few kids and a good job doing special effects and I'lll be happy. I have all the luxeries I ever want right now, an old American classic car would be nice, but then thaqt's it.; Having more money then you need to live comfortabll to me can destroy a family. I can live with what I have now, I just need a person t o love me the way I need to be loved. I) have learned taking things for granted can kill dream in a heartbeat. So be careful with what you have, always treasure it...... JM
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