Home Alone in a storm!

Original tit le I know but tonight is unique not because I am home alone at night, but because there's a mean storm outside! Call me a chicken, you can mock my cowardness but come on storms can do damage! I have seen storms do damage we all know that. When I was younger someone explained the thunder was angels bowling and lightning was God turning a flashlight on and off. Sounds good to me until I drove by a 100 foot tree struck down by lightning! Alright I may be overreacting but you get the idea.
The home alone part is tough. Alright granted my folks never go out and don't go out for long periods of timpe, but it's ALWAYS AT NIGHT. I mean don't get my wr ong there are times I wish I had the house to myself. This is not the prblem, it's the night time I hate. I mean am I right here folks? Give me your opinion!!
I wrote about a storm before and now this entry. People are probablly asking why am I writing about the weather, it's boring! Don't I have anything better to write about than the weather? I don't know, maybe since I am a skywarn spotter there's an inate bug for me to write about it. I mean people photograph weather, why can't I write about it? Look if the news media can cover damage after everystorm, I can cover it during the storm. I don't see the difference!!

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