I should have written myself in

Jon Corzine was never actually in danger of losing the election, it just seemed that way. Right from the beginning everyone knew, and publicly aknowledged Corzine was the dead on favorite. It was a simple as getting a Democrat far enough away from McGreveey, he fit the bill. Some might argue he is just another "looney liberal" but he falls short ofd a Kennedy, Polosi or the worst of the bunch, Howard Dean. I met Corzine a few times, knew he would always be n the right side of the issues, but I am in no way declaring my undying loyality to the Democratic party. They have so much wrong with their orginization, it's sickening. Howard Dean being in charge is all the evidence I need to prove my theory. Putting a medical doctor in charge of a political orginization is JUST AS BAD as having a trial lawyer at the helm. An exception to the rule is Lindsay Graham of South Carolina who would get my vote any day of the week

I split my vote, I seldomly vote strictly on party lines. It drives the people I talk politics crazy, but that's how I vote. For those who call this method hap-hazard consider that has anyone 100% agreed with one canidate? I mean people usually vote based on a sole set principals they are devoted to and that's all they consider. I am more open-minded, I see no point in being loyal to one side or the other. BOTH seem to alienate anyone that doesn't fall in with the rank and file of the party. On that note the problem I had with Forrester is he wanted to cleanup only the meses the Democrats made, he didn't reflect on any of the Republicans problems. I didn't expect he would, just hoped.
Forrester lost not because of his ideas, which in theory were excellent,p but people saw right through them. Whenever he talked about corruption, he meant DEMOCRATIC CORRUPTION, that's why he lost. He didn 't sell the idea of self-reflection, he didn't aknowledge his own party needed reforming also, he couldn't, he would have lost his base! What should he have done different?

Politicians who don't always follow the majority find themselves in a tight spot at one time or another , take John McCain and Rudy Guiliani for example. People would give their eye-teeth to see them be President. Unlike the previous three Presidents, and most of the Democratic canidates they are truly uniters. That's the kind of politician I would be ! I can 't understand if the majority of Americans consider themselves "middle of the road" why can't we elect a "middle of the road canidate". Sure folks running for office make every attempt to portray themselves as a canidate for "everyone" but that seldomly has been accomplished. Once they are in office, all the talk about "uniting people" goes from a roar to a whisper.
I point again to Howard Dean, the downfall of the Democratic party.; He, like people on the right is an extremist. To him ALL Republicans are WRONG, no matter what. A Republican can critize Bush and deep down Dean wouldn't trust her or him. That is WRONG! I wonder what would Dean do if John McCain ran for President in 2008?

I want to congratulate Jon Corzine, hopefully he will pull New Jersey out of the gutter. If he doesn't I know how I'll vote the next time around!!

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