Black eye courtesy of Michael J. Fox

In case it hasn't been clear before I do have CerebralPalsy and if you did a serach for my name on Google or even looked through the pages of this blog you'll see while I don 't focus on the topic exclusively, I write about it when the time warran ts. It also gives me a little bit of a license to point out some misrepresentations the general public makes about folks with disabilities. I am also very harsh when people accuse my of usinjg my disability to get sympathy even thou gh I admit I do it on a very RARE OCCASION! I am also extremely critical of people who use it too often.........enter Michael J. Fox.
Unlike most celeberties even before he came down with Parkison's, Fox was someone who people respected, I do too. I am saying not he is flawless nor am I idiolizing him, however he has always stayed somewhat above the fray when it came to mixing politics with fame. He's a devoted Democrat but doesn't think if you're a Republican you're going to Hell. I admired the way he used his noterity to bring a cause close to his heart to the forefront of American politics without accusing anyone of murder -or parading around pictures of dead loved ones like they were campiegn posters. Fox also is pretty political saavy. He has won Emmys for his portrayl of a political advisor to t he Mayor of NYC. Acting isn't all fake. So imagine my surprise when I saw his face, along with body shaking, on a commercial supporting a Democratic Missouri Senate Canidate. I still think he's doing a good thing for millions of people, it's just I want to point to the opening paragraphs of my book--"Living With a Disability" . One of the common themes is not to intentionally elicit sympathy, that's for "disabled people". Fox committed what I believe to be a cardinal sin for people with physical challeges. Now he's under attack from that blowhard Rush Limbaugh .
I am sure Fox is having second doubts, not about his message, but the way it was delivered. He was used, the one thing someone like him should avoid!
Rush Limbaugh's Reaction
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