Why we can't feel bad

By now you have heard Steve Fossett, the great aviator Steve Fossett is missing somewhere in the mountians of Nevada. What was suppose to be a simple scouting expedition for his next daredevil stunt has turned into another famous person gone missing mediafest. Fossett's air achievments have been extrodinary, I especially liked the last one he did, flying around the world nonstop in 76 hours. Maybe it's because the native Aussie has choosen the good o-ld USA as his launchpad for these achievments or maybe like countless other people I have a genuine interest in general aeronautics. Although there is a small part of me that is amazed people are horrified that his missing. I am concerned for his safety and hope he is found, although thre's a small part of me that scratches my head when I hear that people really are upset before we know what really happened in those mountians . Fossett was known for his attention to detail when breaking all these records. From an outsider's point of view his little adventures seemed a bit crazy but never stupid.
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