CQ Lighthouse--N8ET/mm

A few weeks ago was the annual Lighthouses on the Air Event. In previous years I just listened to the contact on SSB mainly because I was only working QRP. Combine that with my speech contacts would be impossible!! Now I have been a member of the ARLHS for a few years, but haven't had that much success with lighthouse contacts. Usually when people activate lighthouses there's a massive pile-up. Fellow members of the ARLHS have tried to work me but band conditions have been iffy. Then the end of June Bill,N8ET announced he was going to activate some lighthouses on Lake Michigan from his boat Wings. Everyone one was excited, me included. Some of the sharper members realized this might be my big chance, as it was I had been striking out the last few times people have gone out to activate. One of the Jim,KA3UNQ, was just as determ ined as I was for me to make a lighthouse contact on phone! I heard Bill for a few minutes and decided to wait for a clearing. Finally the bands cooperated as much as possible, I just dropped my call and prayed.Bill only got my parital call, I tightened up and belted out my call again, I could picture Bill adjusting his squelch and volume. Finally after my fifth tried, I heard the best three words imaginable, "Is this Justin?" I squeezed the PTT as hard as I could and with all the strength I had left belted out the letters, "Q", "S","L". I had my first multiple lighthouse contact on 20 Meter Phone! Since he was in sight of three Michigan lighthouses, I got all three in one shot!!! As soon as the QSO was over I ran, ok stumbled, downstairs to find my mom. My eyes glowing as if I just hit a double blackjack in Atlantic City.
I wanted to write this entry that very day, but I decided to hold off until the QSL card arrived in my mailbox to prove this fantastic feat! My hats off to Bill N8ET who had the patience and the ears to help me pull this one off.
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