The White House Meeting

Ok Ok Barack Obama and Joe Biden won fair and square so President
Bush and the VP Dick Cheney invite them for lunch at the White House.
Now for all the bad things Bush has done these eight years he still is a
gracious host. He shows Obama around the White House, they tour the Rose
Garden , Bush gives Obama his first ride on Marine One, even offers to
help= Obama move his desk into the Oval Office. For all the bickering
they've done this past year the day is pretty flawless and they finally
have made their peace
Meanwhile down to hall in the VP's Office Dick Cheney and Joe Biden
aren't quite hitting it off. Cheney is packing up his books, popping his
heart meds while Biden is seeing how he's going to redecorate the
office. They are constantly getting in each other's way and it seems
they'll start throwing jabs at any moment. Finally Cheney's done packing
and starts to leave the offices. Biden asks Cheney if there's anything
he could do for him. Cheney turns and replies "Would you like to go hunting??"
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