Surviving Valentine's Day

In fine JM tradition I have been waiting all day to write this entry. As a matter of fact I went out last night so I could stay home tonight and write. These last few Valentine's Day I have been more sensitive maybe because I have yet to ihave a girlfriend myself. I go through stages at times I'm thankful I still single, I couldn't really afford one right now anyway. Although part of me just wishes I could expirence true love. Instead of snuggle up with some sweet someone I'm stuck here writing this entry. Such is life
People have asked why I haven't written more poetry. Wedll I just am not as inspired as I was when I had a fickler of hope at a few romantic encounters. Some of my best poems stemmed from the hope I once had. Like many other times I felt that if I really meant what I wrote, some how insome magically way it would work out for me. However as I sit behind the keyboard I am finally facing yet another demon that rears its ugly head every February 14th! Maybe I am building this up too much however what do you expuect from a guiy who's had co-untless failed attem pts at romance
Out of all the things I don' t have or can't seem to accomplish having so-meone look at my the way my mom looks at mom dad or Natalie (my sister-in-law0 looks at m y brother (younger brother) Chris. They say love isn't a luxery, it's a need well what they don't tell you is youu need different kinds of love in order to make your life complete! This is one o-f the many lessons I have learned the very hard way
If you think I'm feeling sorry for myself, I could careless. The title of this post is "Surviving Valentine's Day" and the only way I know how to do that without getting insanely drunk, is to write about it
I always said anyone can deal with physical pain, it's the emotional pain that can derive you insane. Well having a day celebrating love when you 're not IN LOVE is the most painful an adu lt can face. It's another sign of a failed attempt at a normal life. I see it everywhere and it makes me so sick. It looks so easy for people to fall in love, I upsets me that it hasn't happened to me once.; I have fell in love only twice, both time of cours the feelings weren't mutual! The funny thing is both times the girls felt I was one of their best friends
Everyone getts their heart broken but I haven 't had the fortune to have it recover. Let me tell you it sucks.
The title of this is "Surviving Valentine's Day" because you know what even though I may sound upset now, I'll wake up tomorrow in better condition than I am in right now. That's the "surviving part".
Happy Valentine's Day

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