Ones that get away,but a cooler head prevailed

I have won and lost my share of auctions but this one will sting for quite awhile. For those of you you don't know NJ license plates, the pair shown above are 1928 New Jersey Courtesy license plates I have been follow this auction on eBay since it came out but decided to wait until the fourth day to throw a bid in and it was for $60 which is high for me to jump in but this pair was sweet. Four days went by w ithout another bid so I first thought that either folks were either really hurting from the current economic problems facing the world or people were just lurking..To my dismay it was the ladder. Nothing happened until today when I saw another bidder kick it up to $86 and I threw $100 at the plates without flinching which still was a bar gin for these jems. We played this game all day raising the stakes north of $200 which made me sweat a little. Finally I decided it was time for a gamble and I threw $222 at the pair of plates knowing he eit her would stall out or we'd be going to $225. Well at $227 I began to think to myself "Am I really ready to fork over a quarter of $1000 for a pair". I really had my eye on spending $200 tops but I figured "$220 would do it". My head said stop byut my heart said go for it. My hand trembled as I entered the numbers "2", "2" "7" and carefully pressed Enter. It turns out no because a brand new bidder swooped down and picked these jems up for a grand total of $229.50! I chickened out. Well now I could have thrown $250 at these one of a kind plates and won, but I decided there will always be a next time!!

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Chris said...

I hear you bro, sometimes ebay is not all its cracked up to be.