Trip to CT-- Branchville School visit Part I

This should be a very interesting post because originally I was going to write about my trip to Connecticut after it happened but since my writing is part of my presentation, I was asked by the people who invited me to write something of a preview prior to going up there so I could show the kids some of my writing.
It all started with an e-mail from Tim Stentiford, a license plate collector friend and editor of the famed PLATES Magazine explaining how Kurt, his son, was having what they call a "Diversity Day" at his school. Kurt suggested I come up to speak and when Tim presented this idea to the rest of the planning committee, they loved it. Talk about your ego booster, this is right up my alley. I have spoken about myself at various venues before, even on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC My mom kept saying I had to prepare but I didn't know how. I have been bouncing a few ideas off my mom and am getting my thoughts together. I decided instead of typing them just in Word they'd be better off here. So I think I'll do a multiple series. Maybe two parts before I go up, one part when I'm up there and maybe one part when I come home.
Say tuned
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Chris said...

Have fun in CT Jay!!

Anonymous said...

Justin. We can't thank you enough for your willingness to share your story and your inspiration to the 5th graders here at Branchville Elementary School in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Everyone is excited. I know your personal story and your message about looking beyond what you see on the outside to what a person can do and achieve on the inside will be an important lesson for students, teachers, and parents alike!

Tim Stentiford said...

Hey Justin--that last comment was from me. I was reading in your blog about how difficult it was for you in middle school. Our 5th graders will be heading to middle school next year so it would be great if you could share some of your experience about what it was liked to be judged by kids on what they saw on the outside and not what was on the inside. Your thoughts? Thanks, Tim

Anonymous said...

Make sure you note that you were the only one who got use a computer when the rest of us had zero idea what a computer was!! I remember when we used to sit next to each other in Science class and I would be like huh? you mean that thing does more then just let you play Oregon Trail?!

xoxox Allison

Anonymous said...

You will do great. I cant wait to hear how it went.

Knock em dead Justin!