Post Erie Wrap-up --Part I

Below is a post I sent to the ALPCA listserve. Part II will consist of events outside of the convention hall, including some bar eescapades with John Ferguson
Alright well I tried to write this e-mail three times last night and three times I hit send too early! Driving eight hours certainly home had more of an effect on me. Note to self next time listen to the little voice i your head when it says, do some swimming instead of hanging out at the bar. Although I had so much fun with John Ferguson, Tom Smith and the gang it was definitely time well spent.
OK onto the big convention. I arrived Wednesday about 2PM, mom and dad in tow. We got to the convention and immediately bumped into Tim Laughlin. Well not even a hello, Tim just said "You HAVE to be Justin!" we exchanged strong hand shakes from that time on I knew this was one for the books.......and I was right
By the time I got there the trading was in full swing. I entered to see Roger Haynes greet me with "Here's speedy!". I went to the registration desk and was warmly welcomed by Scott Mitchell. With his trademark military, but friendly military tone he said," Ok Justin you're all set". My dad put my Route 66 wheelchair plate display down and left. After doing my initial few laps around the two rooms, I finally got back to the hotel room, (have to love that sky bridge) and found my folks relaxing, much deserved.
The Welcome Reception was great.....except of course for the food! I won't got into details, but I will say the convention center made up for it on auction night! The "oh I'm so glad you made it Justin" remarks continued!!
Thursday was my full day at the hall and man did I pick up a few jems! Actually th
Alright I can't go into every day of the convention but I have to mention the night of the auction. I got there late and missed the number 99 souvenir plate, which was the one I got t he previous three years. After some negotiating with the winning bidder, he -let me buy it from him. Out of respect he will remain namelss, but if he's reading thank you again!
I glanced on this list and dropped a few posts during the convention I saw a few negative comments about the two rooms. I again like to remind everyo-ne that Erie was a last minute decision based on things out of the Board's control. If you keep that in the back of your mind you'll realize it was a great convention.
My hats of to Mike Liscio, the convention manager, did a great job
Justin Mattes ALPCA#6748
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