Sullivan's Island Lighthouse

This past week I have been visiting my Aunt Katy in Summerville SC. My folks and I, along with my Aunt Ilse who flew in from California, really had a ball this week. One of the more recognizable highlights, for this blog anyway, is a trip to visit the Sullivan's nIsland Lighthouse. Even though I have visited it before, had my own camera this time. So like I did in Lake Erie, I approached this shoot semi-casually, but I wanted to add it to my collection. The bad part is this lighthouse is closed to the public and doesn't offer a passport stamp but I got some great shots.
For all you ARLHS members yes I was yearning for my Yaesy FT-897 so I could fire up PSK and give out ARLHS# USA-827. I am still working on getting this laptop to work with my RigBlaster. However I also need a portable 20 Meter antenna. One thing at a time!!
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