Reaction to closing the ALPCA listserv

I apologize for the delay in this e-mail, but as you might not know Northern NJ lostpower Staurday nightanbd had limited access to my e-mail until today.

Instead of shutting down the list the Board should,d have warned Whit that even though THEY WERE WRONG, he should, as "member #1000" been able to forgive and forget, unfortunately for the rest of us it didn't turn out that way. I am convince that if Whit had let it slide, the list would still be functional today as it was before this blowup.Some may blame Steve and that is their right, I for one blame the Board members who voted to shut the list down, Steve was just the middleman. As for the comments about Board secrecy, lack of accomplishments, censorship and other criticisms, I feel the Board took those as attacks, and while SOME OF THEM might have been unfair, it should have given the Board pause and do something it rarely seems to do. Look at themselves FIRST before pointing fingers at the membership.
The Board acted in bad faith by shutting the List down. It was in fact probably THE WORST MOVE in recent ALPCA history. I submit to you Gus the only reason why Jeff called for a vote is not because it was in the Club's best interest, but because it was discovered the BOARD hasn't been open about the operation of the club. The call for the vote was itself a questionable action because Jeff isn't going to be President for much longer and he isn't going to ever be held accountable for this horrible action that has done more damage to this club than ANYTHING WRITTEN ON THE LISTSERV. From day one Jeff says he never wanted this list because he insisted he didn't like seeing personal attacks. BULL! He saw the membership was becoming aware of the Board's numerous missteps in keeping the Club on the right track and shut the list down to save what little reputation he has left before leaving office. Sure Jeff sounds all noble when he bellows, "Don't put in an e-mail what you wouldn't say to a persons face" but we all know I have shot down that theory as I have repeatedly tried to respectfully discuss several issues with Jeff.It should be the slightest questioning of the Board will be met with a fierce counterattack , not addressing the issue at hand. However some of us felt this list was setup to fail from the beginning given who was initially put at the helm.

This latest, and maybe final, list closing, is partly Whit's fault because while initially he did nothing wrong, his mass e-mail gave what the Board felt was the proper reason to shut the list down. I found this highly insulting because it finally publicly shows Whit only cares about himself,. not the wellbeing of the Club. I also find his statements wreak of hypocrisy especially since only a few months ago he scolded me for "speaking of behalf of ALPCA" (which I NEVER DI D) and then sending out that massive e-mail to the membership. The Board took that as the "last straw" and dissolved the list. Again I would like to point out Jeff Francis mislead the Club when he said " a few people ruined it for the rest of us" when in fact it was WHIT'S massive e-mail that was solely responsible. It was HIS echoes of "censorship" I feel if he didn't send that e-mail, the list would still be intact today.So much for "common sense". Feel free to correct the record Jeff, I feel like Glenn Beck and his red phone to the White House. While I agree with some of what Whit says, his approach isn't embraced by any other member

Thirdly I have said this a few times and I have yet to read otherwise, the timing of this mess is a bit too perfect. I keep asking myself why shut the list down in the middle of an ALPCA Election cycle when the list is the perfect forum for those seeking office to answer legitimate questions about the wellbeing of this association? Why not have the people be able to respectfully debate it is certainly better than a few paragraphs on a page? Why can't those members who don't play by the rules be banned from posting? No matter what the outcome of this election I will not stop asking these simple questions because I feel it's about time the Board come up with some straight answers

Respectfully yours
Justin Mattes ALPCA#6748

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