Jerkweed Jaun is back

Back in July I wrote about this idiot license plate collector I nicknamed "Jerkweed Jaun"(see below). He's still on the  Yahoo list and I'mp still on his case. Call it payback for accusing me of screwing  him out of pl-ates. I won't be satisfied until everyone in t he plate collecting community knows, what a Jerkweed he ha beco-me. His who-le approach to collecting i0s wrong, he tries to get p=lates for nothing, breaksx trade promises on a whim and other stunts that  would give a collector a bad  name. His pattern, make noise on the list for a few days and then  go back into hiding until his next st9upid request.
Believe  it or not Jaun has tried to make truce saying he didn't mean to jerk me around, but I'm not buying into the scam. I am a big believer in giving people a second chance, but I don't think Jaun deserves that chance. On the contrary, I believe he needs to be taught a very hard lesson and I feel I need to teach it. While I won't accuse him the way he accused me, I will come out and say he is a rogue collector meaning he represents the very worst  in this hobby'.

Jaun's  latest kick is movie plates, which everyone knows are prop plates, but that's besides the point! I am afraid he wi-ll say the wrong thing to someone outside the hobby. Word spreads quickly around the plate collecting community and since  we are a tight knit group, one bad apple does ruin it for the rest of us. Jaun isn't  the image of a license plate collector I want to convey to the general[ public.. Now p=eople like Jaun have come and gone but they are still out there. My job as ha responsible license plate collector is to expose these people.

Jerkweed Jaun
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