We aren't all offended equally

I never understood or will understand Ann Coulter's use of the word "retard" to reject the thesis of a obviously very smart man, namely the President of the United States. To be honest though I'm not surprised, she's provactive, she's is dying for attention and s he'll stoop down to any level to diss President Obama. Just like Rachel Maddow, Michael Moore, or any othe left-wing nut did to President Bush when he was in off ice. I was offended because once again while racial slurs and objectionable sexual labels are considered very taboo in this day of political correctness, the outrage isn't the same when people with disabilities get mocked. There isn't an universal condemning of the langauge like there is when the "N-word" is hurled at black people, or people of different faiths are called by the inappropriate terms. The "N-word" is beeped out of TV the word "retard" is openly used even in over the air broadcasting. While it is offensive, to me as a person with a physical and not a mental disability being called t he "R-word" IS WORSE BECAUSE IT'S A LIE.
That's what separates it from all the other slurs. Nobody would call an openly gay white man the "N-word" or a person openly practicing Judism a "rag head" because it's not offensive to them in a way that automatically calling a person with physical challenges and/or emotional issues the "R-word". It is also almost never accepted. Usually the racial or ethnic slurs come out during times of conflict when the offending party is trying to cause emotional pain as either a offensive or in most times defensive attack in a verbal argument. The "R-word" is commonly used when someone screws up or is deliberately acting like a complete ass. That's why it's accepted and that makes it more offensive.
Disabilities are universal everyone has them, whether you are Black or White, Muslim or Jewish, Male or Female. Unlike race or religion, they DO at times, make us believe and feel inferior. Not just for the moment the offending comment is made, but people with disabilities continue to doubt themselves.. I often call people with disabilities the minority of the minorities. That's because we ask for and get the least amount of attention. When's the last time you saw a Congressional staffer or a White House intern in a wheelchair or being guided by a seeing eye dog??
The comments made by Ann Coulter are offensive to folks with disabilities and need to be condemed by everybody. Someone with a disability needs to inform her it's NOT ok!!

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