Hershey Report

Below is an e-mail I sent to the PLATES Listserv last Thursday while out in Hershey. It was the second time I took the Amtrak train out to Harrisburg and then the Dauphin County Paratransit from the train station to the Giant Center next to Hershey Park
I have hijacked Rick's laptop to check my e-mail and log onto Facebook, figured I drop a note. First let me assure folks the train ride out and the ride on the paratransit bus went very smoothly!! I managed to get the same driver as last year and the lift didn't breAK. People have remarked about the weather I concur PERFECT~! I have been cruising the fields with a light breeze. Yesterday I met with Dr Rader, he again thanked the club for its efforts turn the dream of a wheelchair run into a reality, WE STILL NEED CONNECTICUT. I also lined up another article deal Plates have been plenty but there's a noticaable drop in overall attendance from previous year. The usual suspects have made appearances Roger, Marco, Gerry, et al. Dick Yourga is doing his thing promoting ALPCA. Chuck Sakryd has been spotted with his ntrademark backpack. Jeff Francis is wandering the fields looking for bulk. As for me a few additions to the collection. On a less-plate related note, Hershey installed a new radio system since last year which I have been exploring Well off to bed another long day tom orrow Justin Mattes ALPCA#6748 ALPCA Hershey Correspondent
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