World CP Day

I have  noticed that a lot of the previous posts have stayed "drafts" for one reason or another but I feel this will be completed in one sitting, mainly because it is World CP Day. Although October is CP Awareness Month, yes we share it with Cancer Awareness Month. I have been reading CP blogs and posts this morning, especially Love That Max where Elen Seidman doesa wonderful job describing what it's like raising a son with CP. Man I have grinned and nodded more times while reading about Max's life than I'll ever admit on here. I sometimes find myself commenting "Wait until Max gets older...." Then I had a thought.
Those loyal readers remember when I did the Diversity Day up at the Branchville School in Connecticut where I talked to kids about it's like living with CP. I always wanted to do more of that but never really pursued it, although it  has crossed my mind from time to time

World CP Day raises awareness about people living with Cerebral Palsy but it also highlight peoples accomplishments like RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad. While there have been plenty of actors who have portrayed people with CP like Bill Porter in Door to Doonr and Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot RJ is the real deal., I also like how the writers wrote his part. Even though it's obvious he has CP in the show, he used crutches, it wasn't overplayed, very subtle.  I really hope I see him in other shows and movies.

Unlike the other "Awareness Days" (Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, etc.) I feel more focus should be on prevention rather than cures,like highlighting medical malpractice, etc. A "cure" is fine and who knows what they'll come up with now that stem cell research is becoming more feasible by the day. However I constantly remind -people Cerebral Palsy isn't a disease. You can't "catch" it. People are "survivors", they learn how to cope and  that's about it

 So I take moment in the day to both remember what I have accomplished in my life and what goals I need to set for myself

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