North Korean hacking solution

So i t seems the North Koreans really can't take a joke! They  launched cybar-attacks in response to thew lame-ass movie The Interview that puts their leader in the spotlight and makes him look like a fool. Little Kim Jun Il didn't only give to movie a big thumbs down, he decided since the US "allowed the film to be made", it endorsed the film and Il took that as an "act of war" I shit you  not. So Sony, who was scheduled to release the film on Christmas Day, had it's computers hacked mysteriously with a message not to release the film or the company w ould be facing even more cyber attack. "Hackers" even got copies of e-mails sent by Sony Execs criticizing President Obama, the same guys who wanted to get Bush and Chen ey on war crimes. So stup id movie execs of course caved and cancelled the movie's release, although there have been rumblings about having the movie go right to DVD or ondemand, maybe leaks on the Internet. No doubt the movie will get out somehow, in some way. I'm sure there's a disgruntled Sony employee wanting to get   even with the company about something. Wouldn't   releasing the movie illegally causing more cyber attacks be a great way to  do  damage? NK does a nother cyber attack, the worlds goes nuts, mass hysteria, maybe not, though think about what they'd do if we really pissed them off!!!

The title   implies I have a solution, it's a b it  far  fetched, but s o is the movie which got us into this mess in the first place. I propose we give the North Koreans a taste of their own medicine. We temporarily suspend all prosecution of cybercrime directed a t North Korea. It's a well known fact that while the Communist country has a horrible human rights record for simple crimes, cyberhacking is widely condoned, when a person can get out which is a whole other story. I have long equated cyber crime with minor drug offenses, unless the crime does serious financial or intferstructure damage, the should be sentenced to help  secure the Internet in the US. I want the US to declare war on NK not like in the fifties but a cyberwar. I want people who hack NK to be saluted not sentenced.
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