Don't discuss EVERYTHING

A few months ago I wrote about how I am a big Billy Joel fan and have joined a Facebook group called Billy Joel Retold for Billy Joel fans. Now I think saying I'm a huge fan isn't completely true bec ause I haveen't been to a concert YET, but that's not because of lack of trying.  I joined the page because I actually wanted to learn what other people feel about his music. On the whole it's a very cool group and I even chatted with his former drummer, Liberty Devitto, a few times. However I find mysef not getting involved in most of the discussions because they just don't seem too interesting. The topics seem to get stale very quickly and I have Writing that  in itself would make s ome people in the group  cringer, even go as far as calling me a troll. The thing of it is, I just like Billy Joel's music, that's it. I also have read a lot of his lyrics a nd studied them basically because people forget musicians who write their own lyrics are indeed poets at heart, even when they won't admit it
One thing I know is I said it doesn't matter now I'm accused of "not being a Billy Joel Fan".. Not that this statement  does anything to me but I have to wonder if I'm not a fan why have I devoted two posts to Billy Joel in two months? I am a fan OF HIS MUSIC. When th ese types of topics come up for discussion I just roll my eyes. Mostly because  one of the things I admire  most about Billy Joel is he DOESN'T discuss these things. Whenl there's an issue he feels strongly about,like the Long Island  fishermen back in the nineties, h e speaks out but he isn't in your face about it. He supports music pro=grams for children by donating his time and money. You don't need religion to be a good person
'I turn to the book Celebutards by Andrea Peyser, where she discusses liberal celebrities who mouth off about  politics and how foolish some fans are for blindly supporting t hem in everything they do.  The only advice Billy Joel ever gavee to his fans is "Don't take any shit from anybody"that's very sound advice!


Starting 2015 in Cape May

Well i t has been in the works since before Thanksgiving, even back during 4th of July. My folks wanted to have a big New Years Eve party with their friends down in Cape May. During our trip down there Thanksgiving weekend, my frien Angie, who I met at the VFW announce she's holding a fundraise for her ranch NYE. Something of a tradition for her and the VFW, so I wanted to support it.  Also I knew I'd be spending a lot of time there since my folks had a full house of their friends. For some reason  I hi t it off right with all o f them, maybe because they found out early that I don't take any punches without throwing a few of my own. Also in Woodcliff Lake when we were growing up my brothers had neighbors in back of us to escape our hou se fore a while, maybe this i s a little payback for all those years of seeing them have fun so accesible from out house.   My dad joined pretty much right after we moved in, however I kind of hijacked his kmembership! This was going on for a year, so for 2015 I became a member on my own, which was kinds of funny to  all of them because they thought I joined long ago.
Back in November one of the regulars, Shane Meir ran and won a seat on the Cape May City Council. While my online politic antics are well-known i, am usual tight-lipped in the  VFW. Well the whole  crew was very supportive. So when I found out he wasgoing to be sworn in on New Years Day, it was obvioud I needed to be there. It was going to be tricky because I was overly concerned it was going to  be early in the morning however it was scheduled for the afternoon. Although I still overslept and had to scramble to shower and get dressed. Also in pure Cape May fashion I had to ride the scooter down to City Hall and park it outside then climbed the steps to City Hall. I made my way into the council chambers and sat through the entire ceremony!