Starting 2015 in Cape May

Well i t has been in the works since before Thanksgiving, even back during 4th of July. My folks wanted to have a big New Years Eve party with their friends down in Cape May. During our trip down there Thanksgiving weekend, my frien Angie, who I met at the VFW announce she's holding a fundraise for her ranch NYE. Something of a tradition for her and the VFW, so I wanted to support it.  Also I knew I'd be spending a lot of time there since my folks had a full house of their friends. For some reason  I hi t it off right with all o f them, maybe because they found out early that I don't take any punches without throwing a few of my own. Also in Woodcliff Lake when we were growing up my brothers had neighbors in back of us to escape our hou se fore a while, maybe this i s a little payback for all those years of seeing them have fun so accesible from out house.   My dad joined pretty much right after we moved in, however I kind of hijacked his kmembership! This was going on for a year, so for 2015 I became a member on my own, which was kinds of funny to  all of them because they thought I joined long ago.
Back in November one of the regulars, Shane Meir ran and won a seat on the Cape May City Council. While my online politic antics are well-known i, am usual tight-lipped in the  VFW. Well the whole  crew was very supportive. So when I found out he wasgoing to be sworn in on New Years Day, it was obvioud I needed to be there. It was going to be tricky because I was overly concerned it was going to  be early in the morning however it was scheduled for the afternoon. Although I still overslept and had to scramble to shower and get dressed. Also in pure Cape May fashion I had to ride the scooter down to City Hall and park it outside then climbed the steps to City Hall. I made my way into the council chambers and sat through the entire ceremony!
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