Solve one problem with another

On a news website, one that is truly independent, two stories caught my eye. One was about Bush's "domestic spying program" and another was about how there need to be a crack down on illegal immigration. Both deserve all the attention possible as they do affect everyone in the country. I often remarked how ironic it was that the government is tryi ng to make it harder for us to keep an eye on them (i.e. more and more encrypted radio systems) while making it easier for them to spy on us (i.e. the Patriot Act). I am also up in arms on how some groups often go after these major corporations for breaking laws and then give individuals a pass when they enter the country illegally. By now you are asking yourself how am I goingf to connect these two totally different issues t ogether? The answer is simple, only put people living here less than five years under surviellance. I don't mean be secretive about it, I want the government to be very open and direct about this policy. Is this a "voilation of civil rights"? I don't think so because illeagal immigrants are indeed BREAKING THE LAW. They shouldn't be here in the first place, so why do they need their civil rights protected?
Ok so all illegal immigrants are supposed to be deported on the spot, but we all know this rarely happens, usually they are released to roam free throughout the country. This theory is designed to serve as a deterrant to make illegals see they ARE NOT WELCOME HERE! If they know in advance this is our policy maybe they wouldn't come here in the first place? I really don't care a bout a foreigner's civil rights if her or she doesn't have the common decency to come into the United States legally. I bet you Congress would really turn heads if the made this kind of proposal!
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