First Cape May Working Fire

Well last Monday  night there was another  good thunderstorm down here in Cape May and  lightning hit two houses over on the other side of town. Of course the famous Cape May fire horns w ere going full blast however it was the thunder bthat woke me up! I grabbed the scanner tuned it to Cape May fire and boy was it busy. Lightning DID strike more than  once because a row of houses caught fire. Pretty soon trucks  from Lower Township and even Wildwood were racing into the city I was still half asleep but knew this was going to b e big!The radio traffic bounced between the main Cape May Fire frequency and their fireground.

Since Lower Township is just north of Cape May they got dispatched to the scene first but stayed on their own frequency while their chief talked to Cape May directly.   The Coast Guard has \a base down in Cape May and hey're very active in the community! So when Cape May has a fire they call the Coast Guard for mutual aid.

Cape May County does the majority of dispatching for the fire departments. I just have a little BC125AT down there right now so I can't hear everything. Although  unlike North Jersey where I want to listen to as possibly  , I am only interested in Cape May for now, although that's going to  change when we move dow n there for good. I have already planned how I'll setup my radios down here. Use the BC15T just to scan Cape May City and enable the marine service search on the sacanner. The use the BC996T  as my work horse mainly searching for military UHF. I have this setup DOWN pat!!
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