"Crashing" a Cape May Wedding

Like a few times before I  wrote a status update on Facebook that I thought was worthy of a cross-post on the blog. The post originally went up on the  Cape May Live Facebook page, ok I posted it. Unfortunately it was one of the few times I left  the phone home. Although on second thought other people outside the wedding were snapping pics and they looked so out of place. I

I was doing my usual patrol around Cape May and came across an outdoor wedding ceremony about to start at the Inn of Cape May. I saw the groom waiting with his groomsmen and the music started. Something told me to stop! So I pulled up on the sidewalk trying not to spy too much, but other people were stopping, so I figured it was ok. Sure enough a few seconds later I_ heard the wedding march start and saw the beaming bride walking down the aisle besides her proud dad, surrounded by a close group of loved ones. I watched as the bride and groom exchanged the most poignant vows I have ever heard. Here I am in a pair of jeans and a worn shirt witnessing a beautiful couple start their lives together. I have been to dozens of wedding ceremonies, this felt different. I will never know their story and truth is, it doesn't matter. I got to witness one of the most important moments in their lives. I will never forget it. Cheers to a lifetime of happiness..........Another day in Cape May (for those who "know" top 50......definitely top 50) 


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