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I am writing this for all the emails I get wanting me to use their services. This is a blanket disclaimer I will send out anytime I get offers for SEO or any other marketing offers./ This is also a test to see if they really want to help or just looking for money\ I especially am bargeting those companies who write me every few days saying, "We haven't heard back from you". 

 Thankl you for your email... I registered "" because I had lost another domain years earlier and I thought it would be  a great idea to have a customized email address. The original address did point to this blog for the longest time. T hen I decided to build a website to  display my writing and my license plate collection. I also hosted a few other projects off the website and occasionally used it as an "online storage". My writing especially because I intended to try to sell some of my poetry as well as list some of my articles published online and PDF copies of my printed work.   The webhosting company I used for over 10 years  gradually raised the hosting prices troo much  and as of last September I cut ties. Knowing I still had the domain, I decided to  I used it as a launching point. In hindsight I should have registered a ".org" address so web advertisers don't assume I'm this major company with 500 employees and a multimillion dollar Internet budget. This m,istake will haunt me forever, well so long as I have "". However I got it now and am not letting it go

If you get a copy of this blog post it means you tried to sell me some kind of webservice. Let  me save you the trouble and say I am not nor ever will be interested in on line marketing. The other thing is my product is only my writing and I have never seen media companies  go to writer's websites to solicit article or any other work!!! I had my writing website up for years and never got an unsolicited request. You might think this is why I need your services, but trust me I can't afford them. Also whenever I ask for samples, all you give me is testimonials which can be easily doctored! 

I al;so from time t o time get unsolicited emals for request to post a guest blog. I don't ghet paid for anything I post on this blog so l\ikewise I can't offer anyone any money to write a guest piece. Also all the opinions are my own..If you want to be helpful please direct people looking for writers to this blog. I am currently accepting article request and have an impeccable  turn around rate.  

A little background about me as a write r. I have been writing for thirty years. I started writing poetry in high school and  upon graduation I did some freelancing while attending programming school. My writing topics vary between my hobbies and politicsl commentary. People have asked me to write biogrphaies and essays for loved ones. I have had my work published all over the Internet even translated into different languages! However I am far from making a living on it.  Until that time comes, if it ever comes, I will not need your services. Thank you  for emailing me and have a good day!

Justin Mattes


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