Walking in other people's shoes

I hate when people say that I should walk a mile in some elses shoes. That is just such bullshit and so is the grass is always grennier on the other side. The grass isn't always greener because if it was we all lie cheat and steal to get there. One of the first lessons in life is that it isn't fair.
Ok I am not that religious but I always enjoyed this story. Whenever my great aunt hhears me complain about how my life isdn't fair she tell-s the "Cross Story". Her goal was to make me see that my life isn;'t as bad as I so-metimes make it out to be. One day a man think he has the problems of the world on his shoulders. He goes "God I can't handle this cross. May I please have another?" God responds "OK follow me" and the go into a room filled with crosses. The guy picks one of the crosses up and says it''s too heavy. He picks another up and say it drags on the ground and is slowing him down. Finally the man finds a cross in the corner and said, "This is the one I want!" God turns to him and says "That is the cross you threw away"
Alright we all know the moral of the story, but everytime my aunt finishes telling it, I feel like saying you know I would have marked my cross and still chose a heavier cross. Stupid I know but maybe I could deal with worse problems better than I could handle my o-won.
All this over not getting to see someone this weekend. After all I feel like I am always last in her life, I kno-w deep down I'm not. It starts with this and then I go into the entire nine yards how my brother goes out every night and rareely takes me with him. I know he just feels taking me out is risky and just doesn't need the extra headaches.
Alright I don't want to do everything he's does, I just want my own stuff not to be so far spread out. OK like going out to the bars I don't admit that I physically can't get out as many times as I want. It only hits me when I try to crawl into bed when the evening is over. The point I'm trying to make is sometimes it seems I always pay double the price when I enjoy myself!

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