A review of the job

Alright it's been a month since I started working at Columbia Presbyterian so it's time for a little recap of how it's going! Since we last visted this topic I have been working from home using a program called Timbuktu. Basically I can control the desktop from the computer setup at Columbia from home.I jus t open a new window lo into the network, and I'm ready to roll!! Yes folks I have gone to work without taking a bath and getting dress first. Yeqah I know there are people out there who are feeling very envious right now. Especially those who have to wrestle their way into New York City at six in the morning. I still get to wake up around ten, go downstairs for a lesiurely breakfast and then come back upstairs and get to work. I pull up th e computer at Columbia and get down to business! I averange about 50-75 images a day, which is very respectable considering the connection can get caught up sometimes'. This can be a bit of a pain because I am not too quick at the mouse bu t I do have my own speed and don't want anything to get in my way. There are already too many obstacles, I don't want any more!
I did get a handsome paycheck last week, no details, please don't ask! No I haven't bought a new radio, YET. I did manage to pick up one license plate, hey I needed to buy something. Bad thing is I didn't5 get a chance to get drunk with my first paycheck, maybe I'll save that for the second!!
Otherwise it's coming along nicely, I am not tired of it yet. Although I did have to sacrafice one writing project this year. Usually I do the Year in Review on the license plate list the last week in December, which disappointed a few people I'm sure but I need time away from the keyboard. It was a bit sad not doing it but I just didn't have it in me. For those who don't know what I 'm talking about, which is the majority of the group, for th e past few years I have been excerising my skills on an e-mail group for collector. People on this list post not only license plates they want or have tro sell, but comments on the hobby as well. ;There have been a few times where I have gotten into scrapes with the moderator, but every year for the past few years I havbe highlighted a few comments I thought would raise eyebrows./ I got an e-mail abouot it a few days ago and I haven 't had t he heart to answer. I will as soon as I put this entry to bed!!
Well that's about it from good old Bergen C ounty. I will be back in a few days............'
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