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If you notice my links have gotten bigger, one of the links goes to a fellow ham radio operator's blog, Ed's Ramblings. Eddie Muro and I have an unique friendship, we have known each other through the Internet for the better o f fifteen years, but have never met in person. He is the one person I haven't met, bet trust completely when it comes to rad io matters. ED has written for just about every scanner radio magazine out there. From the American Scannergram to Monitoring Times, he is one of the most recognizable names in the amatuer radio and scanner writing arena. When I wrote to him about picking up my first freelancing gig a t the Pascack Press he wrote explaining how another scanner hobbyist from New York City tapped him to help out covering Long Island. He's had to deal with some of the same crap I have dealt with, stories geting butchered, not getting proper credit where credit was due.
One thing about Ed is, he understands why my writing is important to me. He got injured and couldn't work for a few months, so he turned to his writing to supplement his disability payments. It's was his words that kept me writing articles even when I wasn't getting published. Ed clued me in to what I started to find out on my own, writing has opened doors and been there when many other supports seem to disappear. So when Ed e-mailed me to inform me he had started a blog, I felt just adding him to my list of growing links wasn't good enough, I had to write about it as well. After all I had to find a proper way to thank the person who got me my first two writing jobs, and gave me the confidence to continue to master this craft better known as writing! Thanks ED!
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