Situtation with ScanningUSA

Alright this SHOULD be an easy fix.....but it's not!! My aunt got me a subscription to ScanningUSA for Christmas. She gave them my address but they sent the magazine to her house, no big deal I thought I would just e-mail them my address . That was back in Janaury, I have e-mailed them every month since NO REPLY AND THEY STILL SEND IT T O HER HOUSE!! The e-mails DO NOT BOUNCE, I just don't get a reply I called, she has called, NO ANSWER I have to go to her house every month to pick up the magazine. Can someone give me the magic trick to contact the subscription department over there?
Also th e magazine is ripped EVERY month?? I don't know what's up because when I buy it in the store it comes in one of those annoying plastic bags.! When they mail it out they don't use the plastic bags!!!
Bottom line I like their magazine but their customer service STINKS!! I will
continue to be a loyal reader, but maybe I won't renew my subscription because I really don't see the benefits?! I will buy it at Borders, in the stupid plastic bag!!!
An update: I finally dug back into my archives and dug out an old magazine with an old 800# and they gave me an e-mail to change the address. Hopefully this problem is s-olved. However if I wasn't a packrat, I never would have gotten th 800 # in the first place. This still does excuse them for not returning my e-mails to their main address! The should say "For subsscription problems call this number". Hey at least I wonn't have to ride my scooter over to my aunts house to pick up my magazine!! Not that I mind but it usually takes her time to fish it out of her mail!!
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