Post-election reality

I am not back-peddling here, the previous post was written to make people think I would vote one way when I really voted another. People read what I wrote and assumed I automatically would for McCain, not this time. Like I did with John Kerry I took a long look at George Bush and even though I still don't believe John McCain is a "Bush Clone" I was concerned about McCain's health and I just don't know enough about Sarah Palin to trust her. So it wasn't a vote against McCain, it was a vote again Palin.. This country couldn't afford Palin as VP. That's why I voted for Obama! I voted against B ush the last time and I voted against Palin this time. Odds are McCain's people downplayed his illnesses.
Secondly I would like to put on the record that I partly choose Obama because he is a minority. That might seem a bit narrowminded but again while Palin said she would be an advocate for children with disabilities, I didn't hear the specifics that would have convinced me she would have made good on her promise. While that didn't "scare " me it left me wondering why she didn't play up her advocacy role more? I don't mean have her son tied around her hip 24/7 but she didn't say enough to convince me she'd be MY advocate.
Voting for Obama was a risk and people know I am a risk taker. It's a risk because who knows what lies beyond the bend. At first it didn't seem calculated but now it seems I voted with my brain and not my heart. I just pray I made the right decision.
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