Trip to CT-- Branchville School visit Part III

People tell me not to dwell or harp so three entries about the visit to the Branchville Elementary School might be pushing it. However the closer I get to going up there, the more I have the urge to write about it! Call it a way of comprehending what is going to happen. I have told everyone I know about this trip which makes it seem like I am going up there for more than a day. Although the is the same reaction when I went do to Washington DC on my own, to visit Jane in Tennessee or even the license plate convention in Alabama two years ago.
These kids are definitely going to bring back to a time with mixed feelings. I mean the kids I'll be speaking to are same age when things starting getting real tough. It was the perfect storm back then. My body was getting worse, and the more I tried to hide it, the more evident it became. I never wrote this before but since I could remember I) was made to wear a helmet while walking around the halls. I fought this hard and finally in fourth grade I got the school to agree for me to only wear it during gym.
When I agreed to speak to the kids I knew deep down it would be rewarding and a little painful at the same time. I also knew since Kurt asked I couldn't let him down. It's a coo-l feeling to have a nine year old look up to you. When this opportunity a little voice (ok grandpa's voice) said, "You know Justin you always wanted to repay some of the good deeds done for you, well here's your chance". Am I going to enjoy it? Absolutely! However that doesn't mean I am a bit unsure of myself. So whoever reads this between Tuesday do me a favor, just take a moment and think about me. Yeah it's selfish, but what else do you expect from me??
Branchville Elementary here comes Justin Mattes!
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