Erie here I come

Alright since the postings have been a bit light these past few weeks I figured I would try something a bit different......a preview of the convention whichj starts tomorrow! Well this makes the fifth convention I have attended since joining ALPCA in 1994. IO know other members have made everyone since the seventies, but each convention I have tried very hard to attend, this one isn't any different. Like the title infers this gathering of ALPCA member is in Erie,PA. Erie is about a seven hour car ride, not a record for me but close. The majority of the driving will be in Pennslyvania which is kind of anti-climatic, as a matter of fact the trip is the same as a round trip upto Lake George. Something tells me my back will not be same for a few days, just in time to come home.
The convention itself is three days of wall-to-wall license plates!! I don't think it's possible to visit every singhle table, but I usually cover 90% of the floor. My scooter becomes the "license plate recovery unit" I have been very lucky with some of my finds over the years. I got my want list ready, but always manage to pick something up I didn't expect.
I also looking forward to catching up[ with some old friends, like Roger Haynes,Jeff Minard ( the "other " JM) among others. I'm sure people are g oing to be looking for me too. It's something I have gotten used to over the years.
An yway the Friday auction shoul[d be interesting because if all works out I'll have another ALPCA #99 plate in my collection. What started out as a fluke at the auc tion in Huntsville has become an obsession! I wound up bidding, and winning, the ALPCA #99 plate in Salt Lake Cit. So now I have to go after it again this year!!
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