A few "subtle changes"

Well if you haven't visited Mattes's Madness in a few days, there have been a few improvements. I am playing around with a few things. First the color scheme, bear with me on this one. I wanted something that said fall, the red and orange seemed like a good idea. It don't think it's pemanent but for now it's saying maybe for a week or two, then I'll change it around, maybe even back to the other colors.
Secondly I FINALLY figured out how to center the license plate graphic on top of the page. I know it bothered a lot of people but it's finally fixed! Now if I can link it to my e-mail instead of this page, I'll set it up!
I have been cleaning up a few entries that didn't have tags on them and even using a spell check here and there.
Finally when this blog started I used a screenname I always use "jaymatt1978" then I decide to register "justinmattes.com" and forward it to "jaymatt1978.blogspot.com". I was going to change it to "justinmattes.blogspot.com but never got qaround to it !

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