The myth of unity

As you know by now Chris Christie is Governor-Elect of New Jersey. Christie,a Republican and a die-hard Bruce Springsteen fan, invited The Boss to play at his inauguration. Springsteen turned him down because he b"doesn't support candidates";. Oh really then why did he do some fund-raising concerts for Obama? Secondly I don't5 think anyone who knows anything about politics would label Springsteen anything but liberal. Springsteen also LIED when he said he doesn't support candidates. Bruce appeared with Barack Obama and Jon Corzine numerous times and called for the impeachment of George W. Bush on numerous occasions. So Springsteen's statements he isn't political are offensive because they insult his fans' intelligence.
Barack Obama's first message as president-elect was one of unity. Now obviously that has been thrown out the window by both parties. However Chris Christie renewed that same optimism by inviting one New Jersey's most recognizable faces to play at a celebration honoring the state and Springsteen dismissed it.
While I wil always enjoy Bruce Springsteen's music, but I'll never accept his political views. Not because they are so far out of touch with my own views, but because he should know he is New Jersey's son FIRST. Bruce Springsteen owes New Jersey a lot more than New Jersey owes Bruce Springsteen

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