You need a LITTLE secrecy

The breach of security at the White House last week was an example of why "sweeping changes" in the way business is conducted in the Oval Office isn't always a good thing. I recall the die-hard Obama suppporter moaning about every little thing Bush did in the White House needed to be undone. Well Bush never had "uninvited" geusts visit inside 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue, at least within the gates. Should I saywe don't know if there ever was a breach into the actual White House. Yes I know about the various incidents on the grounds but they were handled with professionalism one would expect from the Secret Service.
Obama's "open door policy" backfired and will continue to backfire. He needs to take the incident seriously and learn from this mistake., Why Obama? He sets the tone for what goes on in the White House. While critizing Bush, Obama said Bush should realize no matter what happens, he is responsible for everything thath happens in the White House. Now that he's been in the White House for awhile I hopehe starts to see what a hard job it is to bePresident.
People have been putting heat on the Secret Service. W hile it is their mistake, and someone should pay, you bet heads will roll, let's take a minute and turn it around. What iif someone was on the list and for whatever reason wasn't admitted to the party? Would the reactio-n be any different? There would have been questions of favortisms. God forbid the couple was a minority, the entire White House Secret Service detail would be order to take sensitivity training. The last thing this country needs is yet ANOTHER Professor Gates scandal.

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