Year in Review--writing style

It shouldn't come to a surprise to anyone  that the  entries in thnis blog have been limited this year mainly because I have focused on mainly the baby poems\ this year. Together I wrote four of them, including  one for my neice's blessing back in April. It seems the momentum continues and the idea of  seeing my Facebook friends announce the birth of their bundles of joy provides instant material. In return I e-mail them a poem, which keeps my skills sharp. The main plan was to use them as examples to get some paid material.
As for poetry in general, I have been struggling, but m,anaged to pen "Four Golfers" . This is an ode  to my father and his golfing buddies that I composed on a day dad didn't come home from playing golf until after dark. The realization that the slightest inkling of an \idea needs to come out as soon as it can.
The easy thing to do is blame lull in both this blog articles and everything else on an interuption in living. I was going to outline this interuption but that's not fair because people I love are involved and I don't want t o hurt them. That was  my  excuse for NOT  writing because I was trying to deal with these new living arrangements the best I could and posting every little thing on a blog would have cause a bigger rift in an alreaady tense situtation. When I found the urgedf, I simply posted q uick quips to Facebook, even deleted a couple of status updates when  I calmed down.  So I am glad cooler heads eventual prevailed
The biggest project came in the middle of the year when ALPCA President tapped me to headup a wheelchair display project for the Orange Grove  Center down in Tennessee. That was accompanied by an article in Exceptional Parent Magazine. I actually got to meet th e head of t he center when I went out to Hershey in October. That called for a blog entry
It now comes down to this blog.  I looked over my 2011 entries and have at least one entry a month.  I started out 2012 the same way but it fell by the wayside by April and picked it up  again in October, in which I though I would end the year strong on here, that didn't happen the way I wanted. The months I DID  write, I had multiple enteries. Some of them I later deleted  because I started them and saved them, then decide the didn't warrant publishing. So my writing resolution for 2013 is to get  AT LEAST two entries here a month/. Which isn't difficult for me, I just have to focus and devote  the effort to sign in and write something, ANYTHING
Here's to more witing in 2013!
Happy New Year


Where does she find the time

If you have been reading this blog for the past few months you might have noticed I added a blog called Love that Max by Ellen--Max's mom. Max was born with Cerebral Palsy on December 4th, 2002, Ellen explains Max's Story the only way loving mother could...from the heart. I imagine my own mother jealous t hat another woman finds the time to blog while raising a son with CP and a younger daughter. My mom had three boys and that was a lot!! This may sound cruel but I sometimes have to chuckle because I can picture my mother going through the same things as Ellen whil I was growing up. Come to think of it my mother's middle name is Ellen, strong name for strong women.
I first stumbled on the blog a few months ago and have been hooked euver sense. To put a cliche on it I feel I really know Ellen AND Max and would love to meet them. (You can insert the eerie Internet stalker music now) Well maybe not MEET them but reading Ellen's blog often makes me reflect. Max turned 10 yesterday, I remember when I was 10, arlight mayb e not exactly bu t I understand what lies ahead for Max and Ellen, the good and the bad.

I wish the Internet as we know it now exsisted when I was growing up. It makes it easier for mothers like Ellen and folks like me to share what they're are going through and find people going through the same thing "Love that Max" has been an inspirat\ion, not only as someone with CP, but as a writer as well. I am starting to take a look at this blog. While I'm not all of a suddenn going to dedicate it to my life with Cerebral Palsy, I am going to try to find a way to incorporate it a bit more into this blog..


Christmas music hits the repeat button

Ok I am going to try to not sound c ompletely ANTI-CHRISTMAS MUSIC but I thinkm most would agree it does get out of hand. I had friends tell me some stores start in with the music right after HALLOWEEN, which is completely insane in my opinion. The radio stations and the stores go completely overboard and play thesame fifteen or twenty song over and over, makes me want to barf. I know exactly what song is being played from the first few notes not even. Remember the TV show "Name that tune"? Well you have to wonder how many more winners there would be if the show just played Christmas music? I can tell you everybody would win, if they celebrated the holiay or not it would matter. C The problem I see is that the war on Christmas does indeed have a point, I don't agree with the point, but thaqt's another issue. The problem I see is they can't go into any store or the mall without being blasted with Christmas music everywhere trhey go. There are a select few songs that get played constantly that would drive anybody insane. Topping the list is that stupid Mariah Carey song "All I want for Christmas is you" it makes m e want to down a few hefty glasses of egg nog and just pass out. It's the only song that I can't get out of my head. Sometimes I think that songs like that commercialize the holiday evenm more than any kind of TV ad for the newest toys or gadgets. I can understand some people saying I'm a Scrooge, but if they're saying Christmas comes once a year and it's a seasonal thing, I have to ask why. I have to wonder why they only play patriotic songs are only actually plasyed on Memorial Day or Fourth of July. I don't want to ban Christmas music, I just want to delay it for a few more weeks