Christmas music hits the repeat button

Ok I am going to try to not sound c ompletely ANTI-CHRISTMAS MUSIC but I thinkm most would agree it does get out of hand. I had friends tell me some stores start in with the music right after HALLOWEEN, which is completely insane in my opinion. The radio stations and the stores go completely overboard and play thesame fifteen or twenty song over and over, makes me want to barf. I know exactly what song is being played from the first few notes not even. Remember the TV show "Name that tune"? Well you have to wonder how many more winners there would be if the show just played Christmas music? I can tell you everybody would win, if they celebrated the holiay or not it would matter. C The problem I see is that the war on Christmas does indeed have a point, I don't agree with the point, but thaqt's another issue. The problem I see is they can't go into any store or the mall without being blasted with Christmas music everywhere trhey go. There are a select few songs that get played constantly that would drive anybody insane. Topping the list is that stupid Mariah Carey song "All I want for Christmas is you" it makes m e want to down a few hefty glasses of egg nog and just pass out. It's the only song that I can't get out of my head. Sometimes I think that songs like that commercialize the holiday evenm more than any kind of TV ad for the newest toys or gadgets. I can understand some people saying I'm a Scrooge, but if they're saying Christmas comes once a year and it's a seasonal thing, I have to ask why. I have to wonder why they only play patriotic songs are only actually plasyed on Memorial Day or Fourth of July. I don't want to ban Christmas music, I just want to delay it for a few more weeks
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