Don't discuss EVERYTHING

A few months ago I wrote about how I am a big Billy Joel fan and have joined a Facebook group called Billy Joel Retold for Billy Joel fans. Now I think saying I'm a huge fan isn't completely true bec ause I haveen't been to a concert YET, but that's not because of lack of trying.  I joined the page because I actually wanted to learn what other people feel about his music. On the whole it's a very cool group and I even chatted with his former drummer, Liberty Devitto, a few times. However I find mysef not getting involved in most of the discussions because they just don't seem too interesting. The topics seem to get stale very quickly and I have Writing that  in itself would make s ome people in the group  cringer, even go as far as calling me a troll. The thing of it is, I just like Billy Joel's music, that's it. I also have read a lot of his lyrics a nd studied them basically because people forget musicians who write their own lyrics are indeed poets at heart, even when they won't admit it
One thing I know is I said it doesn't matter now I'm accused of "not being a Billy Joel Fan".. Not that this statement  does anything to me but I have to wonder if I'm not a fan why have I devoted two posts to Billy Joel in two months? I am a fan OF HIS MUSIC. When th ese types of topics come up for discussion I just roll my eyes. Mostly because  one of the things I admire  most about Billy Joel is he DOESN'T discuss these things. Whenl there's an issue he feels strongly about,like the Long Island  fishermen back in the nineties, h e speaks out but he isn't in your face about it. He supports music pro=grams for children by donating his time and money. You don't need religion to be a good person
'I turn to the book Celebutards by Andrea Peyser, where she discusses liberal celebrities who mouth off about  politics and how foolish some fans are for blindly supporting t hem in everything they do.  The only advice Billy Joel ever gavee to his fans is "Don't take any shit from anybody"that's very sound advice!
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