So the Superbowl

I  was going to write the post prior to the game, but like many posts, it just never panned out. The game itself was amazing, but since the Seattle Sehawks got robbed of a vback-to-back victory, I'm going to dance around the main event. First off m y favorite commercial has to be t he Budweiser "lost puppy" commercial.  I do n't often pat myself on the back but I commented everywhere I saw the commercial, "a puppy and horses, how could you go wrong." However the group Sleeping at Last did a slowed down version of the  song "500 Miles" originally made famous by the Proclaimers. I remember the first time I heard the Proclaimers version, it was  in my local barber shop during a haircut. I have since watched the commercial a million times. The entire commercial is simply brillant.  I get a lump in my throat whenever I hear the hay in the stall start to russle. All puppies are playful, always getting into trouble and always very cute. It's t he ending, when the horse rescue the pup from the wolves, that really hits home, beecause it shows true love. You beleive the horses will kill, or be killed,absolutely anything, to protect the puppy
Like a lot of events in my life, traditions have morphed over years. Superbowls celebrated at grandma's have turned into spending the afternoon over friends house up the  road. The group of people are older and mosty have kid, some teenagers already. So I'm the "uncle", a role I am now used to. I see the kids running around with the toys they got a little over a month earlier. The conversations range from commenting  Last year I actually won the pool, a cool $300! So  throughout  the night I kept getting threats that if I won the pool again. I'm thankful that didn't happen because I might be hanging on a tree somewhere!

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