ALPCA Convention by County

Over nine hours, 634 miles and  twenty five counties between Pete and Sue's house in Chadds Ford, PA and Lansing, MI! I got to the hotel. We did an overnight in Detroit on the way out and saw a Tigers game

  1. Delaware  CO, PA

  2. Chester CO,PA 

  3. Bucks CO,PA

  4. Dauphin CO,PA

  5. Bradford CO,PA

  6.  Fulton CO,PA

  7. Somerset Co.,PA

  8. Fayette CO,,PA

  9. Westmoreland CO PA

  10. Lawrence CO PA

  11. Mahoney CO, OH at 14:56

  12.  Manhong CO OH

  13. Portage CO OH 

  14. Trumbull CO OH

  15. Summit CO OH

  16. Cuyanuga CO OH

  17. Loraine CO OH

  18. Erie CO OH

  19. Sadusky CO OH

  20. Wood CO OH

  21. Lucas CO OH

  22. Wayne CO MI around 4PM 6/25/24

  23. Oakland CO MI

  24. Livingston CO MI

  25. Igham CO,MI


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