Cruising the mats

 Well the beaches of Cape May have a welcomed addition, accessible beach mats! These make it easier for people in wheelchairs and other mobile devices to navigate down to the beaach and enjoy the ocean air. I had to try it myself before the official grand opening the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend.  At first I was a bit nervous but I soon got over the doubt and have made a few laps. The best thing is going on the beach mats provides a differemt perspective of Beach Avenue when I'm on the scooter.l

Mayor Zack Mullock pushed the  beach mats on Facebook and a woman, Barbara Maurer ressponded saying her son Sean, who has Cerebral Palsy like me would be able to to enjoy bn eing closer to the water.  It's a new sense of freedom of people with mobility problems like Sean and myself. The four of us were interview by the Philadelphia CBS  news station. While I understood that due to my speech  giving long answers would be difficult I was impressed that  CBS reporter Ryan Hughes  managed to slip some of my words into his own commentary. That meant a lot to me!!!3.



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