Decisions decisions!

Ok here's the deal about the last post, I held it off for a week because I didn't know if it was worth posting! I have been thinking about moving Bergescanner.com to a different serve, it has taken me two weeks to get the ball rolling. I have an open invitation to write another article for Plates Magazine, the sole consistant writing gig that allows me to publish anytime I want, but I can't get myself to start writing stuff down. I started this post at 4:24 PM, it's 5:00PM! The problem is I never prioritize! One thing leads to another and the cycle continues. I don't call it procrastinnatiopn but something's up.
Shock of shocks last night my parents (well my mom, and then dad agreed) brought up going to the CP Conference together, which has always been their plan. However I am not really happy about them going. So my reaction was sayingf I don't know if I want to go, the point is I don't want to go with them. I would never actually admit that but I think my mom knows it anyway. So then she suggests instead of the CP Conference we can go to the car show out in Hersey, another one of those things I always want to do. The bottom line I think is they have more stuff to do in Hershey than in Maryland! Secondly my mom doesn't want me to travel to an "unknown" destination by myself.
So here IT IS the CP conference or the biggest antique car show in the world that I have dreamt about going to ever since I can remember. The point of it is I would want them to go to Hershey even if I could got alone! I can't say the same thing about the CP conference. I think while rambling on here I have just made up m y mind.......Hershey here we come!! Stay tuned

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