Change of Venue

Before I beginning I have to say I got to the Saugerties Lighthouse today. It was a long ride up north to Kingston but my folks and I pulled off another day excursion. Maybe it was the hike in the woods that got me psyched to see my seventh light or the look on the keeper's face when I politely asked him if he had a stamp for my lighthouse passport, it was a great day.. The Saugerties Lighthouse is connected to the main land via a foot bridge but during high tide it is on a island. It's on the Hudson River which I call "my river" because it 's always close by even when we go upto Lake George. Funny thing about the lighthouse, the base is made of stone which makes for a very strong foundation. We were in a swamp, it smelt bad but I didn't care I was in my glory. Hey I walked a little under a mile to go see it. That would make anyone happen.
This particular light is also a bed and breakfast. Tell me that isn't a good idea? Alright the dreammin-vacation would be a weekend at the light with............ I won't name names but the folks who really know me most have a few good ideas. Or it woulld be a hell of a place to just go and sit down for lunch. The bitch of it would be carrying the cooler into and out of the woodsn. One of the few rules they have there, you must take out what you bring in. I mean I totally agree. It gives new meaning to the phrase "pack light"! Although just think about it three days of fresh air, climbing to inspect the Frensal lens and keeping up a tradition that started over a hundred years ago
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