Brief note on Peter Jennings

Usually when a famous person passes away there is about a week or two of fanfare and then it fades into the background. I hope people really think about his impact on both the country and the world, not just for the next few days, but whenever they watch the news. There's a lot of debate on wether the media as a whole is drifting into rough waters. You have people saying it's too far left or right depending on the way you look at it and what channels you watch. Peter Jennings rose above that, he never let his personal views cloud his judgement, but his style always came through. When he interviewed people Jennings was always respectful and always got answers. He just knew how to interview people in a way where he got answers without making people feel uncomfertable! That's what made him a good reporter. Too many journalists like to make the people they interview uneasy, Peter didn't do that. He respected people, you can't say that about a lot of these "journalists". Jennings wasn't "elite", he was above that. Jennings asked hard questions, but always thought he was lucky people took time to talk with him. Not too many in the media today take this approach. If you don't talk to reporters you got something to hide or they think you are a flake. Jennings was beyond that, his critizisms meant something. He wasn't vicious like some of his counterparts.
My heart goes out to his family, may he rest in peace............
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