Visit to a winery

By the title you would think I would be posting this from thr West Coast, but actually the folks dragged us up to Orange County NY which is about an hour away! This was a true genuine "family outing". It was of course the three of us, my younger brother Pete, my Uncle Matt and his girlfriend Shannon. Now I'm not going to claim to be a wine freak now, but I did buy my first bottle of wine. The question is when am I going to crack it open? Knowing this household it will be gone inside of a week but I might actually surprise everyone and let it age for a good long time. Any suggestions out there? I can't say. Although I'll tell you a did enjoy the wine tasting part of the trip, for the record there wasn't as much spitting at this winery as you see on TV. There now you kids can say I told you most of this stuff you see on cable is indeed fake. Now picture the six of us sitt ing around the table with a bottle of wine. I was tempted to shout out "where's the cheese and crackers?"!

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