The Old March Wind

Man it's March 2nd and the high today is 27 degreess and windy, not exactly prime conditions to take a ride in the old scooter. However I did want to do something productive with my day so I decided to jump back to a Marh day in my past! OK maybe it wasn't exactly March but it 's close enough!! When I was very little my mother hand this poem "The Old March Wind " by Jan Conder Soleging hanging up in my room. I remember it vividly because she had hand-copied the poem out of the book. So for a little chuckle I looked up the poem on the Internet and decided to post a copy on here. I don't think I could have thought of as better way to open up the month of March!!

We had a tug of war today,
That old March wind and I.
He tried to steal the new red kite
I took outdoors to fly.
He huffed and puffed. I pulled and
And held the string so tight.
That old March wind gave up at last
And let me keep my kite.

Jean Conder Souleging

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