Tennesse here I come

Just when I thought it was never coming here I sit six days until my plane departs. My friendx Jane's roling out the red carpet. The best part-- this is yet another trip I am conquering all by myself!! It just hasn't felt "real" to me but now I have the confirmati0on for my airline tickets in my possesion and mom's reviewing of what clothes I'm bringing down with me, this is as real as it gets!! This trip is also taking some major prep work, last Saturay I went to the DMV to renew my photo id. For those out there who care, I am actually proud of myt picture. Now that the new ids are digital, you actually can preview the pictures which give a chance to review the mug shot.
Jane and I met in Washington while we were doing the medical malpractic lobbying. Over the serious of three day trips Jane and got a chance to talk. We both discovered each other's gift for writing and the friendship grew. She is a strong lady, no wonder my mother likes her. I learned a lot from her during the times we spent. So at the end of our first trips
Anyone out there have any advice besides don't take any knives or guns? I will go into details about the trip itself I would like to introduce the factors of this trip. This has been about three years in the making, mostly because mom tried to talk me out of it for the longest time. However I sweet talked for months and she finally caved in. She knows I have been trying to put this t ogether for a long time. Jane also put in a few strong words in my behalf! She really is the force behind this entire scheme.. Mom was convinced and now I am headed down to Dixie!!
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